Red Honey


Ericka and her family are making a debut on the Bean Voyage platform with the red honey beans! The entire family worked in collaboration to produce this Caturra coffee at 1800-1900 metres above sea level.
The cherries are processed by removing the skin and pulp, but some or all of the mucilage (Honey) is retained. Coffee is then dried with some or all of the mucilage remaining on the parchment encasing the seed. Coffee cherries are picked, sorted, de-pulped, and then moved to drying patios or beds for various periods of time.  Red Honey takes longer to dry, usually developed during cloud cover, often taking about 12 days to finish drying. 
This batch is from the 2016-2017 harvest which was a key year for Ericka as she was able to gain a  leg - she is now working full time to continue her focus on quality over quantity. 
Flavor notes: apricot, lemon notes, crispy acidity, juicy, complex, good acidity and sweetness.
Altitude: 1,800-1,900m above sea level
Region: Tarazzu, Costa Rica

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