Double Washed


Marianela and her family use this method to get greater clarity of the flavors and attributes that can be achieved. In this process, the skin of the coffee cherry is removed mechanically using a specialized machine, called a de-pulper. The beans are put into fermentation tanks until the mucilage is no longer sticky. The sugar in the mucilage gets broken down during the fermentation process. This takes anywhere from 12 hours to six days and once the stickiness is used up, the remnants of the mucilage are washed off using lots of water. 

The controlled fermentation of the mucilage imparts a certain amount of acidity into the coffee which persists into the cup. However, by washing the beans right after fermentation, much of the fruit flavor and acidity is removed. What remains are the more subtle flavors of coffee alongside a good bit of acidity.

Flavor note: Crisp, well-pronounced balance, bright
Altitude: 1,800-1,900m above sea-level
Region: Tarazzu, Costa Rica

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