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Holistic module

We have developed a unique curriculum that allows smallholder farmers to shorten the value chain and earn a better income for their coffee. We organize 80+ hours of training on four key themes: Sustainable coffee production, Home-based processing, Roasting & Cupping and business skills.

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We have partnered with award winning trainers from around the world that believe in our mission and are dedicating their time to support our farmers. Our current list of trainers include:

Lucia Solis - Solis Coffee Solutions

Alexis Calvo - Centro Agricola Cantonal Frailes

Maria Rodriguez - Byoearth

Miguel Tello - Strachan Foundation

Norman Leiva & Alexandra Tuinstra - Root Capital


We started our training for 40 smallholder women from Frailes and Biolley on June 9, 2018. 

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