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At Bean Voyage, we work with smallholder coffee farmers, with a specific focus on women entrepreneurs to promote gender equality and ensure that they have greater decision making powers in the running of their farms and the improvement of their livelihoods. Therefore, we visit our farmers on a regular basis to establish a relationship of trust, and based on our evaluation criteria, select farms where there is a positive ambience for the growth of women entrepreneurs, along with meeting basic requirements such as avoiding child labor, and the minimal use of chemicals in the process of coffee production. We provide our farmers with basic training on understanding gender issues, along with technical training on financial management, package & logo design, and help with logistical support to ensure a simple and manageable supply chain for the farmers. Click on the names of the farmers to read about their stories and farms. Currently we are also publishing the stories of farmers in Costa Rica, and although we are unable to serve coffee produced by all of them as they are still working to get onboard by gaining training and permissions necessary to export coffee, we will be supplying a greater number of coffee over the year!