Our farmers

Our farmers are the reason we exist. They inspire us with their grit and resilience. They envision a more equitible and prosperous future for their communities and we are proud to support their journey. Currently we work with two farmers from the San Marcos region of Costa Rica. Read their stories below!


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Ericka Mora and her family run M&M, a coffee farm based on 80 years of coffee growing culture. The farm is located in Guadalupe, Tarrazú, 1500 meters above the sea level, in a region which has been producing some of the best quality beans in the world. M&M recently started a “micro” artisanal coffee organization, focusing on innovation and quality over quantity. The micro not only helps M&M capitalize on their coffee, but also helps Ericka with her rehabilitation and independence after losing a leg to a bone tumor. With a new prosthetic, she is back to doing what she loves, and the families efforts have helped M&M grow.


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Marianela Montero and her family run Don Eli, a coffee farm named after her paternal grandfather who has also been a lifetime coffee farmer. The farm sits at an 1,800m above sea level with beautiful scenery and perfect climate for coffee plantation. Marianela has been involved with the farm from a young age and has taken over the responsibility of contacting potential buyers, cupping regularly and ensuring the quality of their beans. Don Carlos, her father, in turn, looks over the plantation and harvest of the coffee cherries. The father-daughter collaboration with the mindset of “quality over quantity” is what got them to produce the highest quality beans at their micromil. By simply taking a sip of their coffee, you can feel their love and care put into every stage of the process from plantation, harvest to washing, drying and packaging.