Our theory of change

In order to find innovative solutions to complex challenges, we are committed to keeping the interest of our communities at the center of our work.
We, at Bean Voyage, have been inspired by Human Centered Design Thinking Model to co-create a framework of market facilitation that works for all - the farmers and the consumers. This requires spending considerable amount of time in forming relationships of trust with community members and understanding the challenges faced by the people on either side.
We spent a considerable amount of time traveling in the United States of America, where we visited coffee shops, took classes and surveyed consumers, to understand their wish from a cup of coffee.
Then, we visited smallholder farmers in Costa Rica to understand the challenges they face while producing high-quality coffee. We asked our farmers: "What is your vision for your farm?". Based on their dreams, we engaged in various co-creation sessions to learn about their aspirations for their farms and ways in which we can collaborate with them so they can achieve their dreams. That led to the birth of the Bean Voyage Model. 

Image: IDEO