Our farmers



Our farmers are our key stakeholders, and we work closely with all smallholder coffee farmers to ensure quality control, and support them in their visions for their community.

Through our model, we are able to pay the farmers a revenue that is 300% higher than their current revenue through relationship trade. 

By retaining majority of the production process within the community, farmers are not only involved in the harvesting processes, but also in the process of washing, drying, roasting and packaging to bring you the most authentic and unique cup of coffee. 


Who do we collaborate with?

  • We work with smallholder farmers, who own small plots of land on which they grow one or two cash crops relying almost exclusively on family labour.
  • We work with farms where there is a positive environment for women to lead and flourish. Through our visits and relationship building, we ensure that there is already a strong presence of women in the farming and management process.
  • No child labor. Our farmer relations manager ensures that there is no kind of child labor taking place in the farms.