Mora y Monge

There is more than 80 years of history behind M&M coffee, a family-owned coffee farm named after the mother, Ericka Mora and the father, Rubén Monge of three young clever daughters. The farm is located in Guadalupe, Tarrazú, 1500 meters above the sea level, in the region which for many years have been producing one of the best quality beans in the world thanks to its height. Rubén Darío Monge, today, carries on the memories and works of his father (Don Otton Monge) and his grandfather (Don Darío Monge) who, dedicated their entire lives to cultivating coffee – the product that has allowed their children, and grandchildren to grow up.

Today, don Rubén Daríon with better techniques and awareness maintains his small farm, where he continues to carry his family’s value to produce the highest quality beans at every harvest. Rubén’s dedication to find a more innovative technique to be environmentally friendly has allowed him to participate in training and obtained multiple certificates of recognition for his farm including the certificate from Rainforest Alliance.

All the process takes place on the farm, from selecting the best quality seeds to create seedbed to be translated with care so that for the next two years the plant can grow to give its first fruits. All this progress guarantees that Rubén has varieties of shrubs that are healthy and strong and avoid diseases for the plants brought from other regions. Inside the farm also, exists small areas of forest in conservation. They want to preserve this area because they believe that nature and humans need to co-exist to survive together.

Rubén and Ericka along with their three daughters started a “micro” in 2016- a company with an idea to produce artisanal coffee. They were aware of the quality of their own beans and the little pay that they receive in return from benefactors of the region. With this “micro” they wanted to find the market that appreciates their high-quality beans and offer them their proud work of art, fresh coffee with its own irresistible aroma and flavor.


The idea of their project also arose because of their need to create a small project to help Ericka with her rehabilitation and independence. Ericka had her right leg amputated in 2015 due to a bone tumor she suffered from for multiple years prior. As a result, she, despite her educational background, was not able to actively participate in labour force to provide for her family. Now with her new prosthesis, she wants to integrate herself back into social and work life with the hope of providing a better life for her children. Ericka is recognized by her families and friends as a true woman fighter, someone that is very strong, brave and dedicated. It is she, who will process the beans after its harvest to dry, roast and package and that will guarantee the quality of M&M coffee to remain at its finest state for all to enjoy.

The family’s dream is to grow their small farm while preserving the nature and the quality of their beans with the ecological system.