Providing training & market access to smallholder women coffee producers in Costa Rica.

After being treated with a bone tumor in 2015, Ericka and her family considered selling their coffee farm to pay for her medical costs. She was barely making enough income from coffee farming to pay for her treatment, let alone the costs of managing a coffee farm.

Gender inEquality is plaguing the coffee industry

Women own 25% of the world’s coffee farms, and make up 70% of the workforce in the coffee growing process. Yet, they earn 39% less than their male counterparts, have lower yields, deal with limited access to finance and gender-based discrimination.

but there's an opportunity

Closing the gender gap could lead to 30 billion more cups of coffee per year and women are more likely to invest additional income in the educational, nutritional, and healthcare needs of their families.

we're on a mission to change the status-quo

By training Ericka to produce premium quality coffee, and connecting her to international buyers, we're ensuring a 300% increase in her income.