Meet Ericka

Ericka's Story

After being treated with a bone tumor in 2015, Ericka and her family considered selling their coffee farm to pay for her medical costs. She was barely making enough money from coffee sales to pay for her treatment, let alone the costs of managing a coffee farm.

Despite making up 70% of the workforce in coffee farms, smallholder women make 39% less than men.

Why Coffee?

Almost 18 million women around the world depend on coffee for their livelihoods. 

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Bean Voyage


Through Bean Voyage's intensive training programs, smallholder women learn how to produce sustainable and specialty coffee.

The Art and Value of Roasting

With Bean Voyage's training, Ericka now earns 300%+  more in income. This means she has been able to enhance her skills while getting proper rehabilitation and care.

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