sunghee tark

Program Director

Sunghee leads the Care Trade training, farmers relations, fundraising and evaluation efforts. She is a Re:co Fellow, SOCAP Fellow, Byron Fellow and Davis Scholar, who regularly contributes for the Perfect Daily Grind. Previously, she led organizations working on youth empowerment, early childhood education and human rights. She holds a B.A in Economics from Earlham College, where she received the Claude Stinneford Award in Economics and the Ackerman-Nicholson Award. She is currently pursuing a M.A in Public Policy at the London School of Economics. 

abhinav khanal

Development Director

Abhinav is responsible for the day-to-day operations, fundraising, outreach and team management. He is a Cordes Fellow, Resolution Fellow, Trust Scholar, Watson Scholar, and a One Young World Ambassador. Prior to Bean Voyage, he dedicated his time supporting organizations working on early childhood education, sustainable food systems, and youth empowerment. Abhinav holds a B.A in Politics from Earlham College and was a Peacebuilding Fellow at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. 

jasmin beck

Operations Director

Jasmin is responsible for establishing market partners, fundraising and strategic planning. In the past, she has worked on projects on humanitarian relief and human rights. She holds a M.A in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes from the University for Peace (U.N Mandated), and a B.A in Law and Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Law at the Swiss Distance University. 

fernanda carrillo

Field Manager

Fernanda is responsible for field operations, in-country partnerships and storytelling. In the past, she has led projects related to indigenous and women's rights in the southern part of Costa Rica. She's an incredibly talented photographer and researcher who holds a B.A in Sociology from the University of Costa Rica. 

alexis calvo valverde

Tecnhnical Director

Alex is our technical director who executes the elements of the Care Trade curriculum that are related to coffee production, processing, roasting and cupping. He is a Licensed Q-Grader and Q-Processor from the Coffee Quality Institute and holds a B.A in Agronomy from the Technical Institute of Costa Rica.

anna deborst

Supply Chain Manager & Ambassador (USA)

Anna holds two key roles at Bean Voyage. She is our supply chain manager in the U.S and also our Ambassador. She is responsible for organizing outreach events and building market partnerships. She is an extremely talented photographer and a champion barista, currently pursuing a B.A in Marketing at the Western Washington University.

olman gamboa

Ambassador (Costa Rica)

Olman is our ambassador in Costa Rica, helping form key partnerships with local organizations, hosting outreach events and leading in-country fundraising efforts. Olman holds a B.A in Information Technology from Cenfotec University and a B.A in Business Administration from the Latin University of Costa Rica.

Marie Chamotin

Ambassador (France)

Marie is our Ambassador in France, representing our mission and work with French consumers. She has previously worked as a Project Manager and in Human Resources. She loves traveling, knitting, running and eating. She graduated with a Masters in Science in Organizational Psychology.

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