Grace Navarro

Grace is known in her community as the enthusiastic learner and a dreamer. Having her background as a school teacher, she has embodied what it is to continue learning and sharing with her community.

Her farm located on a beautiful hill of Frailes, 1600 meter above sea level, features not only a wide variety of coffee plants but also wide arrays of herbs, horticulture, and even butterflies. Her passion and love for nature led her to fill her space with myriads of plants, and trees and maintain it as organically as possible. 

A few years ago, she initiated a small project to nurture a butterfly garden in her backyard. With her dream to share with the community, she opened up her butterfly garden to be visited by local tourists. What makes her initiative even more meaningful is that she hires at-risk youths from the region to lead the tours, providing them with an alternative way to spend time, and gain hard and soft skills. 

Her dream is to foster her farm as eco-friendly as possible and share her own passion and love for nature with you.