E&F Cafe

Quality is all that matters for Ericka Mora.

She produces less but ensures that every single bean is of the highest quality.
She is the leader of E&F, which is an artisanal farm 1,560 meters above sea level in San Marcos de Tarrazú, Costa Rica.  

However, things weren't always this way for Ericka. 

After being treated with a bone tumor in 2015, Ericka and her family considered selling their land to pay for her medical costs.

They were earning $5 per kg of coffee, which could barely pay for her treatment, let alone the costs of managing a coffee farm. 
After partnering with Bean Voyage, Ericka now earns $18.4 per kg of coffee. 
This 368% increase in income has meant that she is able to capitalize on her coffee while getting proper rehabilitation and care. 

Ericka lives with her husband, Ruben, who does the farming, and three daughters.
Together, they hope to support Ericka run one of the finest artisanal coffee farms in the Santos Region.