Don Eli Cafe

Marianela grew in a family of coffee farmers. From a young age, she was inspired by her family's rich coffee tradition to learn more about the process of coffee production. 
After noticing the disparity in the specialty coffee industry, she decided to explore the other side of the industry. She learned how to cup coffee and became one of the first few Q-Graders in her region.

Her father, Don Carlos, had a dream of creating a coffee lab in their farm located 1,800 meters above sea level. Inspired by his dream, Marianela developed her skills to ensure that their coffee receives a reasonable price so that they can invest towards experimenting with different types of coffee. 

With the previous payment of $5 per kg of coffee from cooperatives, it had been impossible to envision their dream. After partnering with Bean Voyage, Marianela and her family receive $17 per kg of coffee, allowing her to fulfill the dream of her family to create one of the first coffee labs in San Marcos, Costa Rica.