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We shared the Care Trade model and our individual journeys with the students enrolled into the Leading in Times of Change: Innovating from the inside out courseThe objective of the lesson was to share the ways in which we discovered our individual strengths and weaknesses and supported each other to grow Bean Voyage. 

Western Washington University

We took the students from the Global Entrepreneurship and Social Ventures course on a unique journey: from the cup-to-seed. We started at a coffee shop learning about the history and science of coffee. We then visited one of our partner farmers, where the students enjoyed the typical 'almuerzo campesino' (farmer's lunch), followed by farm activities. The day ended with a 'cafecito' (coffee time) where we share snacks and stories with our partner farmers while engaging in conversations around gender, rural development and supply chain transparency. 

Oklahoma State University

We traced the journey of the coffee, and Bean Voyage with this day trip for the students from the Sustainability and Business in Costa Rica course on tracing journey. They started the morning by learning about Bean Voyage's story, and then trained their palate through a brief sensory training. We then visited one of our partner farmers where they enjoyed a typical lunch ("almerzo campensino") on the coffee farm. The group was divided into three and tasked to pick coffee in the most effective manner, with our partner farmer acting as the judge. We then got cozy in the house of our partner farmer, sharing coffee, tamale, and stories with our partner farmer. The day ended with a few give aways, including an award for the best team to pick the coffees most consistently.  

Kansas State University

We presented the voyage of our team till date with the students from the course on International Business and Social Enterprise in Costa Rica. After the talk, we conducted a sensory and cupping training for the students to deepen their understanding of coffee science and consumption cultures in partnership with Cafeteria Escalante in San Jose. At the end, the students had the opportunity to try a variety of coffees from different parts of Costa Rica.

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