Cafe Famu

Ana Lorena runs Cafe Famu in collaboration with her eldest daughter, Susana.
Together, they produce some of the finest coffee in the region of Bustamante, Costa Rica.

The name of Cafe Famu originates from “the family of Monge and Ureña” after the last names of their families.

Lorena grew up with her grandparents and from a young age, help on the farms by picking cherries
and taking care of coffee plants which eventually fueled her passion to become a coffee farmer. 

She sees coffee farming as a way of life -
it's the source of joy, happiness, and challenges for her and her family.

She is frequently challenged as the leader of her farm
especially while managing the male peons who are not used to female leaders.
Nevertheless, she focuses on the positive aspects of the farm and continues to learn and grow in the art of coffee production.

She is an inspiring leader, mother, and a life-long learner.
She is also the 'coffee guru' of her family.
Although she has not received formal education, she radiates love, joy and
curiosity to learn more and further improve the quality of her cherries and roasts. 

With Bean Voyage, she aspires to share her coffee with a global audience and fulfill her own dream of traveling the world with her coffee.