If you're a local coffee shop, an office looking to keep your employees going, or a school cafeteria, we've got coffee for all! However, our coffee doesn't just come with a simple package of freshly roasted beans, but stories and information on our farmers and their communities as a way of raising awareness and increasing socially conscious consumption of coffee. Based on the farmer that your institution chooses to partner with, we will regularly supply you with newsletters to inform regarding progress in their farms, new beans that they are introducing or any challenges that they are facing. At the core of our work, we believe in building a relationship of trust, between the consumer and producer of coffee, and in order to do so, we hope to use effective storytelling and proactive engagement. 

If you would like to make an order, but would like to sample some beans first, feel free to sign up for our free samples program, where we will send you a sample of our coffee along with the story of the farmer from where the coffee has been sources. You can then decide to purchase, or if not, give us feedback as to how we can further improve our service.