(L-R: Sohrab, Victor, SungHee, Abhinav, and Bryan)

Everyone dreams; some share them and some like to keep them to themselves. When the sharing occurs, most of the time, it is over a cup of coffee or tea.

Our idea came about during a casual conversation between friends over a cup of coffee. Like many other soon-to-be graduates, we asked ourselves, what it is that we want to do in life; not just a job that pays the bills, but our dreams and passions that warm our hearts and fuel our soul. We wanted to create positive impact, leave a legacy and shake off the status-quo of the world that seems to only run for and by money. From our past experience and interaction, we knew that we and many others like coffee, and coffee farmers are often not paid the just price for their work, making it hard for them to realize their dreams. We saw value in coffee as one of the most demanded commodities in the world and the importance of everyone’s dreams. We wanted to brew coffee, and cultivate dreams at the same time.

Like many innovators, we're a group of dreamy and idealistic young people who want to make a positive impact in the world. Here's what helps us achieve our dream:

  • We're curious; we believe that there's never a wrong question and learning is an endless process. 
  • We like adventures; as it allows us to think creatively while dealing with varying circumstances. 

  • We build relationships; we enjoy the company of the communities that we work with and build relationships of trust. 

  • We innovate; we encourage each other to take up projects to find creative solutions to complex challenges.

  • We're always looking for active learning opportunities; solutions to complex challenges come from within communities - we just like to listen and facilitate the process.