why womxn?

Womxn own 25% of the world’s coffee farms, and form 70% of the workforce in the coffee supply chain. Yet, they earn 39% less than their male counterparts, produce lower quality yields, and are challenged with lack of finance and gender-based discrimination. We are on a mission to change the status-quo.

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Why now?

Global coffee prices are volatile, and most producers make a loss by producing coffee (they earn $0.96/lb and it costs $1.40). This means more smallholder womxn are in vulnerable conditions. If we can reduce the asymmetry of information, they will be able to lead their communities out of this coffee crisis.

Our Model

Why Care Trade?

By equipping smallholder women with the knowledge to process their own coffee, we transform their businesses from pre-commercial to commercial, ensuring up to 300% increase in their revenue from coffee sales. 

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Why Bean Voyage?

We're a collective of entrepreneurs, economists, sociologists, activists and coffee professionals. We're united by two things: our passion for social justice and coffee. Most of us work remotely and many of us are volunteers, but we use the power of collaboration (and Slack)
to meet our shared vision of a sustainable future in smallholder communities. We love results, but we also truly care about the process. Oh, and we enjoy celebrating the small milestones!

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